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Haven Extras – Summer 16

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Donate by definition

Freerice is an online word definition game that donates 10 grains of rice to the hungry every time a player correctly defines a word. The rice is paid for by the website’s advertisers. The more people that play the game, the more advertising revenue, resulting in more food donations. The rice is distributed by the United Nations’ World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger by feeding millions of people in more than 89 countries. As you play Freerice, a counter updates the number of grains you’ve donated as you get each definition. Get on board today.


It’s such a strain

This over-the-corner colander grips securely to the kitchen sink corner for space-saving straining.


Wooden it be great

Support an Australian artisan while getting your dapper on with a wooden bow tie. Handmade by a Gold Coast husband and wife team, they’re brilliant for the blokes in a bridal party or anyone daring enough to express their style with originality.


Haven review

Australian author Brendan Ritchie brings us a sequel to his critically acclaimed Carousel, with the thrilling Beyond Carousel. Everyone you know has disappeared. What would you do? Nox, Taylor and Lizzy have just escaped a nightmare. After months of being trapped inside a shopping centre they are free. Free to roam the streets and solve the mystery of what happened outside the doors of Carousel. They are desperate to uncover the secret of their entrapment, but there is more to the new world than they ever suspected, and the danger is only just beginning. In a city full of shadow, they quickly learn they are not the only survivors.

Fremantle Press RRP $19.99

Haven food

How to peel ginger

A native of China, ginger is such an impressive all-rounder. Ginger’s medicinal and culinary values were discovered further afield as it travelled the spice routes during the first century. Ginger has documented anti-inflammatory properties and then there’s its deliciousness: it is hot, aromatic, sweet and piquant all at once and makes a brilliant addition to many dishes. But thanks to the knotty shape of this rhizome, it can be a pest to peel. To get more ginger for your money, ditch the knife or peeler and try peeling it with a teaspoon. Trim off any small nubs and then using the tip of the spoon scrape away the delicate, papery skin and you’ll lose none of the flesh.

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